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Our team of copyright attorneys can assist you in the processes of copyright registration, copyright licensing, and addressing copyright infringement issues.

Our copyright attorneys understand how copyright law works in today’s world.

We only charge contingency fee of 50% of your winning when we successfully resolve your case and collect payment for the use of your work

Copyright Litigation:
Our agency has substantial experience litigating copyright infringement lawsuits. Our team of copyright infringement attorneys passionately litigates copyright infringement claims of significant value in courts across the nation. With a wealth of experience, our lawyers are well-versed in copyright litigation. Read more…
Copyright Registration:
Obtaining copyright registration unlocks access to legal recourse and provides rights holders with substantial leverage and heightened potential damages. Our team of copyright registration lawyers is dedicated to assisting you in registering your creative works with the United States Copyright Office. Read more…
Online Copyright Infringement:
Utilizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and other pertinent copyright legislations, our copyright attorneys effectively put an end to online copyright infringement. We are skilled in devising efficient strategies to counteract copyright violations on the internet, ensuring swift and successful resolutions. Read more…


Intellectual property and protecting creativity is the focus of Westlord & Associates Legal Inc. We handle your claims, cover your legal expenses, and connect you with world-class attorneys across 48 countries through our global legal network.

No Win, No Fee or Charge
Litigate Risk-Free: Pay Only Upon Winning the Case. We front all legal expenses on your behalf.
50% Contingency fees for won cases.
We will act on a contingency fee basis, recovering any damages through the court or a settlement.

We cover all expenses, including legal fees and court costs, relieving you of financial concerns. Our confidence in success is unwavering; when we undertake your case, a favorable outcome is assured, resulting in substantial compensation for you. Our track record attests to the excellence of our results and the unparalleled client support we offer worldwide. Thousands of successful cases bear testament to this approach's effectiveness.

Before proceeding with the submission of your case for review by our attorneys, kindly take a moment to review our comprehensive "Guidelines for Accepting Copyright Infringement Cases" Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines will help ensure that your submission is aligned with our legal parameters and enhances the efficiency of the review process.

Once we assess your case and approve it, we will vigorously fight for your copyright claims, putting forth every effort to ensure those who infringe upon your intellectual property are held accountable. There's no upfront cost to you; upon victory, we will deduct 50% of the recovered funds as our fee. This approach stems from the understanding that pursuing infringers can be overwhelming in terms of time and resources. Our legal team and recovery service are meticulously crafted to shoulder this burden on your behalf, aiming to streamline the process and minimize any hassle.

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