WestLord & Associates

We specialize in offering legal guidance to a diverse range of creative professionals and agencies, including photographers, designers, illustrators, authors, and bloggers. Our sole purpose is to safeguard the intellectual property rights of our clients and recover compensation for any unauthorized use or misappropriation of their creative endeavors.

Westlord & Associates Legal Inc. proudly offers copyright enforcement services tailored to benefit photo agencies and professional photographers on a global scale.

The scourge of digital piracy and copyright infringements spares no one – impacting photographers and artists alike. They witness their hard-earned copyrights being illicitly disseminated and freely exploited across the vast expanse of the internet. This relentless unauthorized distribution leads to substantial financial losses.

Your ownership of copyright holds substantial value for your photography enterprise, but that value is truly realized only when you can effectively defend it. When your creative works are subject to unauthorized uses and misappropriation, your market standing is compromised. At Westlord Legal, we collaborate with you to assert your copyright rights, acting within the framework of all relevant laws. Our accomplished legal team and intellectual property experts stand ready to take swift action against infringers worldwide.

In the realm of copyright protection, our agency stands as a stalwart choice for professional photographers and esteemed photo agencies. We offer a formidable and highly efficacious service that has garnered client and photographer satisfaction since its inception in 2015.

Our team is a fusion of diverse creative professionals, seasoned legal minds, and technology aficionados, united by a shared dedication to empower creatives and safeguard their rightful ownership. Our collective effort aims to provide an unparalleled suite of services catering to image creators across the globe.

Seize this opportunity and bask in the assurance that your artistic creations are fortified by the industry’s leading experts. Join us today and embrace the tranquility that arises from knowing your creative endeavors are shielded by the finest in the field.