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Copyright Case Evaluation

Before proceeding with the submission of your case for review by our legal team and attorneys, kindly take a moment to review our comprehensive “Guidelines for Accepting Copyright Infringement Cases” Familiarizing yourself with these guidelines will help ensure that your submission is aligned with our legal parameters and enhances the efficiency of the review process. The guidelines encompass essential information and instructions that must be followed when submitting a copyright infringement case for legal assessment. By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to the effectiveness of our legal team’s evaluation and decision-making process.

Once we assess your case and approve it, we will vigorously fight for your copyright claims, putting forth every effort to ensure those who infringe upon your intellectual property are held accountable. There’s no upfront cost to you; upon victory, we will deduct 50% of the recovered funds as our fee. This approach stems from the understanding that pursuing infringers can be overwhelming in terms of time and resources. Our legal team and recovery service are meticulously crafted to shoulder this burden on your behalf, aiming to streamline the process and minimize any hassle.

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