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Copyright includes the rights to prevent others from copying, adapting or performing your works, and the right to control the first communication of your works to the public.

Copyright is a way to protect your creations, like photos, writing, and more. It stops others from copying, changing, or sharing your work without your permission. If someone breaks these rules, it’s called copyright infringement.

Creating a copyrighted work entails a significant amount of effort and dedication. This holds true even for a seemingly simple digital photograph. It’s essential to recognize that when you download an image without obtaining the proper licensing, you’re essentially taking someone’s hard work without permission. This is precisely why copyright laws exist – to safeguard creators’ efforts and provide them with the legal means to earn a livelihood from their creations.

Copyright infringement transpires when any of the exclusive rights vested in the copyright holder are breached. For instance, using a photograph in a website without the photographer’s authorization, installing software on multiple computers when the license pertains to just one, or creating a derivative work from a copyrighted original. It’s pertinent to note that claims of copyright infringement are ideally pursued through federal court channels.

By August de Richelieu

At our firm, we hold a meticulous stance on accepting cases of copyright infringement from our clients. Our discerning approach ensures that we handle only the most compelling and valid cases from both clients and photographers. Each case we receive undergoes a thorough evaluation by our adept legal team and experienced attorneys.

Once the assessment is complete and we decide to take on the case, we fully commit to advocating for our clients. In fact, our success rate stands at an impressive 99%, giving our clients and photographers the assurance that justice will be served and rightful compensation obtained.

Our dedication goes beyond mere acceptance; it’s backed by substantial action. Our copyright infringement cases initiate with no less than statutory damages starting at a $30,000 settlement fee. Our unique approach involves not charging any upfront fees from our photographers. We bear the entirety of legal expenses on their behalf, reflecting our commitment to their cause. However, in the event of victory, we implement a 50% contingency fee structure, ensuring that our clients’ interests remain at the forefront.

If you’re seeking to protect your copyright against unauthorized usage, we are prepared to champion your cause. By representing you, we’ll initiate a civil lawsuit in federal district court, embarking on a journey to uphold your rights. Should you believe that your copyright has been infringed, consulting with us will empower you to secure the rightful compensation you deserve.

Our track record includes numerous legal battles fought both within the United States and overseas, showcasing our dedication to protecting clients’ copyright interests. We are particularly zealous in addressing copyright violations stemming from illegal downloads of our clients’ copyright-protected photographs on the internet.

In essence, the protection of copyrighted work is a vital undertaking that upholds the principles of respect, fair compensation, and adherence to the law. Our firm stands as a stalwart defender of these values, committed to protecting creators’ efforts and ensuring that justice prevails in the realm of intellectual property.

Should you find yourself a victim of copyright infringement, you have avenues to pursue penalties against the infringing party. This can be accomplished through copyright courts or within the jurisdiction where the infringement transpired. The potential penalties encompass:

  • Monetary Damages: The infringing party may be liable to pay monetary damages ranging up to $30,000 for normal copyright infringements and up to $150,000 for willful infringements, depending on the severity of the infringement. The court determines the appropriate sum based on factors such as the extent of the violation and the intent behind the infringement.
  • Profits Transfer: The infringing party might be required to relinquish all profits derived from the unauthorized use of your copyrighted work. This serves to restore to you the economic gains that rightfully belong to you.
  • Legal Fees and Costs: You can seek reimbursement for attorney’s fees and court expenses incurred while pursuing your copyright claim. This provision encourages copyright holders to assert their rights without being unduly burdened by legal costs.
  • Injunctions: The court can issue an injunction that restrains the infringing party from further creating, using, or distributing the copyrighted work. Injunctions are a preventive measure to halt ongoing violations.
  • Impoundment: Impoundment entails the court confiscating infringing copies of the work, preventing their further dissemination. This measure serves to curb the proliferation of unauthorized copies.
  • Legal Action and Jail Time: In the most extreme instances of copyright infringement, criminal charges may apply, leading to potential jail time for the infringing party. While this outcome is rare, it underscores the seriousness of copyright violations.

Should you encounter copyright infringement, it’s prudent to collaborate with our team of intellectual property lawyers. Our experienced attorneys can guide you through the legal nuances, helping you navigate the complexities of enforcing your copyright. Together, we can assess your situation, strategize on the appropriate remedies, and take decisive action to protect your creative rights within the bounds of the law.