WestLord & Associates

Image Discovery Services.

Monitor Your Images, find out who is using your images on the internet and see where your photos are being used online!

How does it work?

Upload Your Images
Our software scanners uses AI to find your images online and gives you the tools you need to take action against copyright infringement.
Monitor & Discover
Our image fingerprinting technology allows us to track copyright infringements of your images online and see where they are being used.
Submit & Take Action
If your copyrights are infringed, we will refer the case to our attorneys and they will contact the infringers or file a lawsuit on your behalf.

You have every right to receive compensation, and we ensure that it becomes a reality. We handle all the necessary steps and responsibilities. Once the case is successfully resolved, the funds will be securely transferred to your account.

Our approach is simple: No win, no charge. We eliminate any initial payment requirements and we don’t request upfront payments. Our comprehensive legal assistance comes with zero fees throughout the entire process as we take care of your case on your behalf. Upon the successful conclusion of the legal proceedings, a 50% success fee is deducted from the reclaimed funds.